1. Customise the Fields Displayed in the Booking Chart Data Window  ·  Feature Released

  2. Waitlist for Sold Out Accommodation Dates  ·  Future Consideration

  3. Additional Triggered Correspondence Options  ·  Closed

  4. Pop-Up Alert to User When Multiple Users Editing the Same Reservation  ·  Future Consideration

  5. A data field that shows the "deposit due-deposit payment" remaining deposit due  ·  Closed

  6. I am a Revenue Manager and would like to Schedule reports created in report writer  ·  Feature Released

  7. Allow PDF export of NPS Client Survey Report  ·  Feature Released

  8. Add Occupancy By Market Segment to the Occupancy Report  ·  Gathering Interest

  9. it would be very useful for the ETA of guests to appear in the data window  ·  Currently Available

  10. Requirements List Report - Option to Report on Incomplete Requirements  ·  Gathering Interest

  11. Add Guest Email to Booking Chart Data Window Available Fields  ·  Gathering Interest

  12. Ability to Customise Covid Questions & Flagged Answers  ·  Gathering Interest

  13. Have CC details entered into guest/corporate/owner portals tokanise to ensure PCP compliance  ·  Currently Available

  14. Data window on left  ·  Currently Available

  15. Schedule Email Reports with Dynamic Dates from Report Writer  ·  Gathering Interest

  16. Res Notes on Data Window in Booking Chart  ·  Currently Available

  17. Add State & Country to Booking Chart Data Window  ·  Feature Released

  18. The data window bubble on the booking chart.. It would be fantastic if it remembered user setting.  ·  Currently Available

  19. Property Name on Owner Statements subject line.  ·  Currently Available

  20. I would like more standardised reporting options so that I can better understand where my business is coming from.  ·  Currently Available

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