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RMS User Suggestions enables RMS customers to add new feature suggestions they would find of benefit as well as vote on suggestions made by other customers.

All feedback is actively monitored by RMS Product Development with the highest voted suggestions reviewed for inclusion in a future development cycle.

The more votes a suggestion receives by customers the sooner it goes for consideration into a future development cycle.

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  1. channel manager automated upload of ads from RMS

    I keep getting told that I need to manually add each listing ad to each different channel. This is ridiculous. This is what we have computers for.
    I want to maintain the ad for each listing in RMS and have RMS load the details and updates to each different channel I choose to advertise on. This is how it has worked for 20 years in Real estate sales and long term rentals. I keep thinking I must be misunderstanding the RMS system. Please tell me I am wrong and you already provide this most basic service. Thank you.

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    Thank you for your suggestion on a way we can improve RMS.

    Each channel connection available in RMS must be setup to connect with the property account on that respective channel’s own website using unique credentials in addition to other connection specific information. This is a process that requires manual user input.

    The majority of new connection setup includes RMS retrieving all listings on that specific channel and providing the user the ability to select which RMS Category & RMS Rate Type each listing should be mapped to. The connections that are not able to retrieve the list require user input to complete the mapping for the required listings.

    For information on setting up a specific channel connection in RMS, please see the below Help Centre articles.

    For further assistance with setting up any of the channel connections, please contact RMS Support.

    Kind Regards,

    RMS Product…

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